How to Connect Computer Audio to a Soundboard

Connecting computer audio to the soundboard is not a particularly difficult task. But the connection of the speaker has a number of difficulties. For a successful connection, you should be aware of the technical capabilities of sound card.

Many aspiring musicians wonder how to connect the mixer to a multi-channel system and how to ensure the operation of studio-tuned components. Depending on the type of a connection, there are several possible ways solve this issue.

Audio system, assembled from individual components, have a higher sound quality than other music system. If desired, it is possible to combine components from different manufacturers.


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    To teach the computer how to speak and sing, you need to connect the sound card. Depending on the configuration, the sound card can be integrated into the motherboard. If your computer does not have a built-in sound card, you need to install it directly into the system unit. Select a free slot on the motherboard for the sound card and install the necessary drivers for the recognition of the sound card.

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    If the speakers are connected to the computer and there is  no sound, you need to perform a number of settings that will fix the problem.

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    To connect the mixer to the computer, use the two cables and connect to the inputs of the mixer outputs of the sound card. After installing the emulation software, set the option to use an external mixer and start to work. To connect to the mixer, in any case, we need a multi-channel sound card with 2 or more audio outputs.

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    Buy special cables to connect and install them on a certain number of slots. Thus, using different drivers, you can make the output of multiple independent audio channels. So you can ensure the effect of multi track audio playback.

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    If you have a USB-control, just plug it into the USB-output plug. This is the most convenient way to connect a computer with a soundboard beyond any doubt. This method is quite suitable for rehearsals and recording a demo album.

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