How to Install In-Wall Speakers

Installing in wall speakers may seem a daunting task but the end results are worth it, in terms of the improvement in sound quality.

Many may fear that installing in wall speakers may require deconstruction of the wall and damaging property as in some cases it does. However, there is a practical way which involves bringing a section of wall or small portion out a bit and placing the speaker inside.

Things Required:

– Some experience in DIY or a contractor
– A speaker system
– An overall plan or idea of the layout of the system


  • 1

    The first step is where you decide on whether you wish to bring the wall or, to be more specific, a section of the wall out a bit or break into the wall itself. If you opt for the latter then we recommend hiring a contractor unless you have DIY experience. Be sure to pick the ideal location as you cannot just break the wall over and over again.

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    With that done, place the TV or sound system and mentally plan out where you wish to place the speakers. Keep in mind your sitting or listening position as you make your plan.

  • 3

    Begin extending just a narrow section of the wall outwards a bit. Think of it as a pillar coming out of the wall or just a small block to hold the speaker.

  • 4

    Make sure you take the right measurements so that the speaker fits when the construction is done.

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    Let the concrete dry or the wooden structure settle before adding the speakers and completing the wiring. If you have gone into the wall itself then it should give a smoother look however, sticking the wall out a bit should give it a certain level of elegance as well.

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    It is also worth pointing out that it would be best to use high quality, stylishly designed speakers otherwise the end result will not be as eye catching and eardrum pounding as one would have expected. Also a woofer or subwoofer is a must. These speakers will all tie in together with the help of your home theatre sound processing unit.

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