How to Use a Flip Video to Record Voice Overs

Flip Video camcorder does not only allow you to record videos on the go, but also, you can use it to record voiceovers for your homemade movies. If you do not own a professional microphone, then you can use your Flip Video camcorder to record the audio, which you can then combine with the video, or slideshow.

The quality of the recording from Flip Video camcorder may not be equal to the sound recorded by professional microphone. Yet, you will find it way better than the sound recorded from your laptop’s built-in microphone.


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    Find a place where you can record your voice. Here, you should make sure that the place you choose must be peaceful, and there should not be any background noise. Otherwise, you will have to bear the same noise in your recordings.

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    Read and practice your script before you record the voice overs. Once you are ready, press the “Record” button and start reading your script or cure cards. The camcorder will record your voice along with the video. Here, you do not worry about the video, as you will discard it in the later steps.

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    Once you are done with reading the script, and then stop the recording button. Now connect your camcorder with computer, using the built-in USB support in the camera. Insert the USB in any of the available USB ports of your computer.

    After the installation is complete, you will be able to see the contents of your camcorder in computer. Copy the video file, which contains audio for your voiceovers, and save it in your computer.

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    Right click on the video file and move your cursor over “Open with” tab. A new menu will appear, where you need to select the QuickTime Pro. If you do not have QuickTime Pro installed in your computer, then you will have to install it, in order to make it appear in the “Open with” list.

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    When the video file opens in QuickTime Pro, select “Export” from the “File” menu. Now select "Sound to AIFF" from the “Export” options and set the “Use” settings to “Default Settings”.

  • 6

    Click export, and you audio will be extracted from the video file. You can now use the audio to combine with your movie file, using video editing software.

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