How to Install Audio Output

The sound drivers can become corrupt, when you update your operating system or when they come in conflict with any other software recently installed in your computer. Sometimes, it also happens that you install a new operating system in your computer and find that your audio output devices are not working. In such case, you need to install or update the audio drivers, in order to get the system back on track.

If you do not have audio drivers for audio output devices installed in your computer, you can download them from manufacturer’s website. Always try to download the updated drivers, in order to get the maximum performance from the devices installed.


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    Move the mouse pointer to “Start” button and click on it. Then click on the “Control Panel” option in the window just appeared.

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    Click on the “Switch to Classic View” option appearing on the left bar appearing in the explorer. Now double click on the “System” icon and select the “Hardware” Tab.

    Click on the “Device Manager” tab and wait for the window to open. You can follow the same steps by right clicking on  My Computer and selecting the “Properties” tab.

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    When the device manager appears on your screen, scroll down and click on the "Sound, Video and game controllers". If you find a yellow mark appearing against the audio/sound category, then it means that the sound drivers have become corrupted or they are missing. Therefore, you need to install the drivers once again.

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    Navigate to your audio device’s manufacturer’s website and look for the updated drivers of the model that is installed in your computer. Usually, the websites asks for the model that you have. In such case, just type the model number and you will be directed towards the right driver for your audio device. Otherwise, you can search the drivers manually too, by following the instructions available on the website.

    Dell, Gateway and Intel are some manufacturing companies that provide easy to navigate service on their websites.

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    Click on the download link, against the driver for your audio device. When prompted, click on run option, if you do not want to create the backup of the installation file. After the download completes, the installation window will automatically appear on your screen. Click on the “I Accept” or “I Agree” to the terms and agreements, when prompted.

    Also select the destination folder for the drivers to be installed. Click on “Finish” when the installation completes. You can now play music and movies files, as the audio devices will now work properly.

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