How to Remove DRM from iTunes AAC M4V M4P

DRM stands for Digital Rights Management. It is used by a number of publishers, individuals and copyright holders as an access control technology. Amongst other publishers, iTunes also uses DRM on its videos. However, one is not allowed to share these videos with others because of DRM. For this reason, there are some who would want to know ways to remove DRM from iTunes AAC M4V M4P. There are three possible ways to accomplish this task very easily.

Things Required:

– CD-R or CD-RW disc
– FairGame or iSkysoft installed on a computer


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    Burn-and-rip method:

    Eject the tray of your computer’s CD-ROM drive and insert a blank CD-R or CD-RW disc into the drive. Make use of a CD burning programme such as Nero to burn the playlist from which you wish to remove the DRM onto the blank CD-R or CD-RW disc.

    Allow enough time for the playlist to be completely transferred to the blank disc. Insert the Audio disc in your computer’s CD-ROM drive once again and wait momentarily for Windows to read the disc. At this point, you would be able to import music files from iTunes as MP3 files. This means that you have successfully removed from iTunes AAC M4V M4P.

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    Use FairGame:

    Another possible way to remove DRM protection from iTunes AAC M4V M4P is to make use of FairGame which is a freeware. The programme will enable you to preserve original metadata, artwork and lyrics while remove DRM from iTunes AAC M4V M4P at the same time.

    Launch FairGame and wait momentarily for the programme to load. From System Preferences, choose ‘Universal Access’ and then select ‘Access for assistive devices’. Then choose ‘Place clip in the Movie Timeline’ from ‘Import’ dialogue box. This will enable you to remove DRM from iTunes AAC M4V M4P.

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    Use iSkysoft:

    For removing DRM protection using iSkysoft, open the desired iTunes file in iSkysoft. From the list of available output file formats, choose a desired format. Click the button labelled ‘Start’ and wait from the process to finish. When it is complete, your iTunes AAC M4V M4P file will be free from DRM protection.

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