How to Convert a DVD for an iPod

If you are looking to play video files such as MP4, MOV and M4V, you will be glad to know that you can perform this task easily using a video capable iPod. The new iPod touch is an extremely smart device that has the ability to play videos in almost all formats. In addition to being reliable and durable, the iPod touch is affordable. However, unfortunately the device does not directly support DVD videos and you will be required to convert the file into a supported file type using a conversion software. Once converted, you can easily add the video to your playlist using the iTunes program.


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    Before doing anything else you will need to make sure that have the required conversion program installed on to your computer. If this is not the case, consider downloading an application for converting DVD files into an iPod compatible format. Free Make, Handbrake and Any Video are the most powerful video file convertersĀ available in the market. However, you should choose one that best suits your needs. Simply navigate to the website and download the software for a small fee. Double click the icon on your desktop to begin the installation process. It is recommended that you follow the instructions appearing on the screen to successfully install the video conversion program.

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    Now open your DVD drive and insert the DVD that you would like to copy and convert into an iPod compatible format. Run the video conversion software and find the file menu in the main menu toolbar. Select the Source option (this may be named differently depending on the conversion software you are using). Locate the Video TS folder on your computer Video Drive and click the Option button.

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    Choose the output format as MP4, MOV or M4V as per your liking. Some software allow you to convert DVD files into more than one supported formats. Next, start the conversion process by clicking the Start, Convert or Begin button. The conversion process will take several minutes or hours depending on the length of the video you are converting.

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    Add the new file to your iPod library using iTunes. You will need to connect your iPod to your computer first and then transfer the file. Find the file you just converted using the conversion program and the click the Open button to see if your iPod plays the video properly.

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