How to Install Your Ceiling Speakers

Installing ceiling speakers is a nice way to solve the space issue in the living room and it also adds a stylish touch to the décor of the house. Though you cannot compare the sound quality of the ceiling speakers with the dedicated speakers made for home theatre systems, but nevertheless, you can achieve pretty decent results with the proper interfacing of ceiling speakers with sound system. Your old head unit can work with ceiling speakers, however, you will have to get a crossover unit which is specially designed to work with them.


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    The choice of ceiling speakers depend on what type of system you want to use them with - either you want to make a Hi-fi audio system of highest quality, play background music for friends and family, or just watch movies in your home theatre set up. The focus of attention should be the head unit as it’s the object that reads the sound from some input source, processes it and then transfers it to the cross over unit.

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    Cross over unit separates different sounds and transfers them to their respective speakers. Decide whether you want a 7 channel sound system or a 5 channel system will suffice. Cross over unit should be of the highest quality as the quality of sound depends on it a lot.

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    Choose the number of speakers required for your system. Do not put too many speakers in a confined space as it will jumble up the sound waves in a tight space. Inspect the roof for regions where installation of speakers is possible, read the blue print of the building to make sure that you are not placing a speaker on a joist or any other construction in the ceiling.

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    Make a drawing on paper where you want to place the speakers. Identify the exact places where the speakers need to be placed. The main speaker set right and left speakers should have equal distance from both sides the centre of the room, else it will not produce the desired results.

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    Do not cut the ceiling yet, make sure that you double check it for any passing wires or pipes before opening it up. Measure the size of the speaker bracket, and only cut the required amount of fall ceiling. Place the speakers in their respective places and connect them to the sound system. Play some music on the system in order to check and fine tune the system.

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