How To Download Audio Books & CD s To IPod

With the advent of the Apple IPod, the world’s music industry has forever been changed. Gone are the days of changing cassettes or loading burned CDs onto playing devices, now the globe tends to follow much more hip methods in order to relax and listen to their favourite tunes.


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    Decide what you want

    Yes, this may be quite straightforward, but everyone has their own favourites when it comes to Audio Books and especially music. Everything from the blues to rock can be found in today’s world and all you need to search in the right place.

    However, always realize that you will only relish stuff you enjoy, so opt for the tried and tested more often than not.

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    Source it

    Music can be found all over the internet, but always be aware of scams that may download viruses onto your computer. In the past, Limewire was a major hub for getting any source of music online, but the company has since then shut down and is also subject of a massive law suit by the music industry.

    After you have picked the songs that you want to listen to, search for them on the internet and you are likely to come across links that should help you find what you need.

    If you are looking for something specific, then it is advisable to search on the popular Beemp3 website, where most songs whether ranging from country to pop can be found with relative ease.

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    Load up ITunes

    Apple has been clever in designing their software, which requires a song to be integrated into the system before being transferred to the actual IPod. While most 3rd party songs will be need to be transferred to ITunes, if you actually spend some money and download it from the Apple store, then it will be directly linked and you compile up your lists in order to get things started.

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    Sync and enjoy

    Always keep your IPod updated with the latest software for maximum performance and always check for updates before syncing it with your pc. After you plug and connect the iconic white USB cable, then select the music bar menu and check all the items you want to transfer.

    After deciding on this, then finally hit the sync button and wait for the music to be added. After completing the task, always remember to hit eject, so that your IPod does not suffer from any unwanted problems.

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