How to Convert Audio Cassette to CD

Cassettes represent old era and memories when we used to tighten the holes of the audio cassette with the help of a pencil. However, with time the tape wears out and to save the last moment, we can rewrite the tape to disk.

Compact disks have replaced the cassettes beyond any doubt. Audiotapes are now hopelessly out of date. However, if you have something special on the cassettes and you want to convert it to the compact disk mechanism, you have to master the art or science of home audio digitization.


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    For sound, we need special programs that have functionality for recording from external sources. Their selection is quite wide as paid and difficult among other available free solutions. For example: Sound Forge, Audacity, Power Sound Editor.

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    Download and install the software “Sound Forge” from the developer in order to convert date from an audio cassette to a compact disc.

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    Connect a cassette player or a stereo system with a cord to the power connector on the sound card. In the stereo player, there is a headphone jack. Music Center can be used to provide a better quality signal with the help of a reel. In accordance with the connectors, select the appropriate power cord.

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    Run Sound Forge, and click on the red circle button on the toolbar. A window with the audio recording options will appear. Choose among the available devices for recording and make sure the sound card is connected to the tape recorder or stereo system.

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    If everything is connected correctly, in the record, we can then proceed to see equalizer, indicating the volume level of incoming signal to the computer. Use the volume control on the stereo and a mixer with a common system of adjustable signal to make an audible sound from the computer's speakers.

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    After entering the sound settings in the Sound Forge, press the button "Start Recording”.

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    After playing and stopping the recording, you will see a graphic representation of the received material. If necessary, you can apply a variety of effects, trim the excess silence and adjust frequency - all to make the functional alteration to the programs to work with sound.

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    The resulting data file can be saved on the hard disk in the proper encoding (mp3, wav, etc.) Buy a writable disc and burn the downloaded date onto it.

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