How To Wire Car Audio Speakers

Sound system are a vital part of a car these days as almost every person who is in search of purchasing a vehicle most certainly will consider it’s stereo system’s functioning before finalising a deal. To know how to install the wiring of a car’s sound system is a bonus. Certain requirements and standards must be met in this regard in order to achieve the best quality for the system. Bass and amplifier are the things that are most involved and to achieve optimum performance, one must get to know and understand how to fix the wiring system, so that the system does not disappoint and maximum output is achieved. Phasing is also a process that must be accounted for in a professional manner so that the response we receive from the system is positive.


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    To start with the process is the battery and its proper connections are required to be met to get the best performance ou­­­t of the car’s sound system. The charging lead of the battery is mostly smaller than the amplifier’s lead and one can change this to get a better result than what comes actually. A better idea is to enhance this to a 4 gauge power wire from the alternator to the battery so that the potential power from the alternator is not as the previous one and is enhanced.

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    Now we will have to take the wire through the firewall of the car. Grommets are mostly not used in most of the vehicles these days and the best suggestion is to take the wire through the factory grommet. However, before doing this, we must realise and check that the opening in the area is enough or the wire to pass through it.

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    Now is the step to avoid the prospect of wire interference in the system that has so far been established. The sound system wires must not interfere with any components or wires of the vehicle’s factory system. These new wires may get interfered with the car’s steering wheel linkage, the brake, gas and the clutch pedals due to the fact that almost these entire lie in the same region and avoiding this interference is mandatory.

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    Next we have to consider the location of the amplifier as it is a very important factor. Two possibilities can be considered in this case. The first is that the amplifier can be installed in the trunk of the vehicle while the 2nd option that is mostly used, is that the amplifier is placed and installed under the rare seats of the car. Whichever place has been selected by you, you just have to consider the space restrictions of the place. The selected place must have room for the passage of all the wires connected with the amplifier and space for the amplifier itself.

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    The final step is just to deliver the power and the signal to the amplifier. Doing this your stereo system becomes functional. Just check it for the noise reduction aspect and the signal polarity scenario.

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