How to Produce Music with a Digital Audio Workstation

Digital Audio Workstation is basically a computer especially assigned to produce and save audio and music files to the computer hard disk drives. The main purpose of the workstation is to save the audio signals to the hard drive. Thereafter, the converter takes that signals and applies any changes required by the user. The converter is used to change the signals into waves and allow the user to perform any editing functions. In simple words, you can record, edit, cut and blend music quite easily and in a professional way, if you have a digital audio workstation installed on your system.


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    You will have to use mixing boards and routers in order to record the music properly. The mixing board will function as a volume adjusting element, as it is a great part of music creating process, which helps in raising or lowering volume of different elements. A router can be used to combine different music items. For instance, it will combine the instrumental music and the sound of back-up singers to the vocalist, while he/she is recording the song.

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    Always try to do a run-through or first pass, in order to test the audio and other elements properly prior to recording the actual audio. You can change the composition and adjust some other elements, if you find some errors during the run-through.

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    Adjust the level of the recording before you start the process. The recording level should be between -10 dB to 0 dB to create a high quality music file. After you set the level, check the waves in your digital audio workstation. When you see the waves moving between the border lines, it means you are set to go.

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    Record the sound in different takes. Then pick the best takes out and combine all of them. Make sure you combine the takes or part of the takes before you apply any plug-ins. It will allow you to apply the plug-ins in a uniform manner, on your whole track.

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    Now use different plug-ins, according to your needs. You can use plug-ins to complete your workstation tasks such as compression, reverbs and pitch. So, apply the plug-ins that complement with the overall theme of the music file.

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