How to Fix a Directv Card

If you own a DirecTV and you are unable to watch any programs or channels, then you may need to fix your DirecTV access card. A DirecTV access card contains all the information which your satellite provider needs to send you monthly bills. Moreover, it also contains the information about your service plan.

So, when you find that you are unable to watch your favourite programs on DirecTV, you should check your access card right away. The process of fixing the access card does not take more than just few minutes.


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    First of all, you should call the DirecTV's customer service department and ask them about your access card’s activation status. You may need to follow the instructions from the prompt menu on the call, to reach the DirecTV agent.

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    Once your call gets connected with the customer service agent, you can ask him to activate or re-activate your account. He will ask you some basic details about your access card and will let you know after the card gets activated. You should not end the call unless you get a confirmation from the customer service agent about the activation of you access card.

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    If the customer service agent tells you that your access card is already active, then you may need to reset your receiver. For that purpose, turn off the receiver’s power, and unplug it completely from the power source. Wait for at least 15 second, which will allow the receiver to reset completely.

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    Plug the power source back in and press the power button on the receiver. Now check if your DirecTV access card works and you can see the channels on your TV screen. If you find it difficult to manually reset your device, then you can reset it using your online DirecTV account.

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    If you still face the same issue, you can take out the DirecTV access card from the receiver and wipe it off using a tissue paper. Dust on the card can affect the receiver’s ability to read the data available on your access card.

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    Once you completely remove dust from the access card, insert it back in the receiver. Here, you should make sure that the card is inserted completely in the slot and in the right direction. Check if it starts working now.

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