How to Install an Audio Truck Amp

If you are looking to enjoy music at its best while driving your truck, installing an audio amplifier is a great idea. You just need to run a few wires, mount the audio amp at a suitable location inside the truck and make a few connections. Installing an audio amp takes a little bit of your time but if know the right way, it should be an easy job.

Things Required:

– Power cable
– Wire cutters
– Fuse holder
– Fuse
– Audio amplifier
– Turn-on lead wire
– Patch cord(s)
– Speaker wire
– Grounding cable


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    Use a pair of wire cutters to cut a length of power cable. This piece of power cable must be long enough to run between the truck battery and the possible location of the audio amp inside the truck. Just compensate for the connections you will have to make later on, keep the power cable about twelve inches longer than the required length.

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    Place a fuse holder and fuse in the power cable. The fuse will act as a circuit breaker and will prevent damage to the audio amp in case of a short circuit. Make sure you place the fuse approximately 18 inches before the power cable end which will be attached to the battery.

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    Before making any connections, you need to run this piece of power cable from the truck battery to the amp location. The vehicle’s firewall may be hindering the way but you will see a bunch of wires passing through a hole in the firewall. Run the power cable along with these wires instead of drilling a new hole in the firewall.

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    The best place for to install and audio amp in a truck is the space behind the back seat. But you can choose any location that you deem fit. Mount the audio amp in your desired location.

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    It is now time to make connections between the truck’s radio receiver and the amplifier. Locate the turn-on lead wire at the back of the receiver and extend it to make connection between the receiver and the amp inputs. Keep the wire hidden under the truck’s carpet. Similarly, extend the patch cord(s) at the back of the receiver and connect them to the amplifier inputs.

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    Make connections between the subwoofers and the amp with speaker wire. Also, connect the speaker to the amp with speaker wires.

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    To avoid suffering an electric shock from the truck’s body in case of a short circuit, use a grounding cable to make a connection between the amp’s negative power terminal and the truck floor. Winding the grounding cable to a bolt on the truck’s body will do the trick.

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    Finally, connect the fuse end of the power cable to the truck’s batter and the other end to the audio amplifier.

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