How to Make Surround Sound Wireless

If you have surround-sound speakers, then you must think of making them wireless, in order to place them anywhere in your room. It will also allow you to make your room look tidy, without any wires going through your walls and under your carpet. For that purpose, you will need a wireless speaker kit, which you can purchase from any electronics store. Whenever you buy a wireless speaker kit from the market, make sure it is compatible with your speakers. Otherwise, it will be just a waste of money, if your speakers do not work properly.


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    Search for the right speakers that compliment the surround sound you are looking for and you can purchase them at a nearby electronics store. For instance, if you have speakers that are rated 10 ohms, then the wireless speaker conversion kit with handling capacity of 4 to 16 ohms can work best for your speakers. There are ways to convert your speakers into wireless ones, and most speakers do come with the right equipment to help you do so. In case, you have more than one pair to convert, then you may need to buy more conversion kits.

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    Take the wireless transmitter of your kit, and place it behind the audio-video amplifier. Connect the amplifier’s output jacks with the corresponding jacks in the transmitter. The shorter the cords are, the better the results will be.

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    Now, connect your speakers with the receiver that came with the conversion kit, using speaker wires. Use short pieces of speaker wires, in order to get better sound. Also, use the usual way of connecting speakers, which is connecting red wire for positive and silver or white wire for negative signals.

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    You should now plug all of your equipments into a power source, in order to turn them on. Power on all the equipment you merged together.

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    Place your speakers in your desired areas in the room. Usually, the speakers work best when there is no obstruction. Therefore, always try to place them away from the wall or any other device, such as radio, which can interrupt the sound of your speakers.

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    Test your speakers by playing a DVD or a CD, and adjust the sound according to your needs.

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