How to Find Grants for Amateur Photographers

Are you an amateur photographer seeking to get some grants so you can carry one with your photography career without having to worry about money? If so, you should know that there are several organizations and news agencies that give grants to emerging photographers, giving them a helping hand in their profession.

Grants are not only for amateurs, but photography students can also get their hands on financial assistance. If you have made up your mind about taking your photography career to new heights, you must get in touch with local photography clubs where experienced and professional photographers interact and share their experience.


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    Get in touch with professionals

    In order to gain understanding how professional photography works and how experienced photographers grew their portfolio, you can get join local photography clubs. Although these clubs are not authorized to give you grants, you will meet several young and veteran photographers who can guide you, helping you find different grants offered by organizations and new agencies.

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    Ask professionals about different grants

    Experienced photographers can help you find grants. Being an amateur, you may not know which organizations give grants and on what conditions. Every organization that offers grants to amateur and professional photographers follow their own standards and rules about getting candidates registered for financial assistance.

    Some of the organizations give grants to photography students and amateurs and professionals are excluded from the list of beneficiaries. On the other hand, there are several other organizations that are exclusively for professionals and amateurs.

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    Decide what type of photography you want to pursue

    Being amateur, you probably still have not decided what type of photography you want to join. Since grants are given by different entities with focus on different fields, you have to choose your course.

    For instance, there are opportunities for photojournalism, fashion photography, art photography, educational photography, other fields like geography, and technical photography.

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    If you are an aspiring photojournalist and want to excel in your career, you have plenty of options at your disposal.

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    Gettyimages is a well-known stock photo agency having presence across the world. The agency gives grants to emerging photographers. There is a program under the tile of “Grants for Editorial Photography” for both students and professional photographers. The grants usually range within $20,000, which are supported by logistical and editorial assistance.

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    The organization has launched the Photocrati Fund for rising photographers. Visit the website of PHOTPCRATI and note down the details of grants.

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    Lucie Foundation

    The organization is committed to assisting professional and amateur photographers who take interest in culture and art photography.

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