How to Find Great Food in Boston

Boston has a reputation for being a great vacation spot but it is the city’s busy restaurants and bustling food streets that have always attracted visitors in droves.

If you are wondering where and how to find great food in Boston, as the city is big and it is not easy to get around without wasting any time, you can do many things that will take less time  while giving you more fun and the best return for your money. Some of the top techniques have been discussed in this article.

Just about every day throughout the year, visitors from other states of America, locals, and hundreds of tourists from other countries make the trek through streets, business hubs and residential areas to get their hands on some of the best local and foreign cuisines.


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    Ask locals

    Ask a local about some of the good food spots in Boston. Nobody can tell you about Boston food better than a local. If you are familiar with someone from Boston, ask them where to eat out.

    If you don’t get much information from those familiar to you about the food spots, you can ask locals on the streets, in a shopping mall or anywhere you go. Talk to multiple people and make a list of places and particular food items that sound unique and new to you.

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    Use the Internet

    Use the Internet to find great food in Boston. Since you don’t know about any restaurant or a particular food item popular in the city, you can do Google search. Try to use different keywords targeting food in Boston in Google search engine; you will likely come up with several results that can give you enough information about food places and great cuisines in the city.

    If you know a particular food website, send them a message asking about the best food in the city.

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    Read online reviews

    Online reviews offer great help to find what you are after. These reviews are written by people who had experienced the food first hand. Read all the reviews carefully and if it is possible to talk to the commenter, to get as much information as you can.

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    Join food forums

    If you have time and can wait for a few days till you find a place/restaurant for best food, you can join food forums. There are plenty of food forums online where you can talk to locals and people who have experienced the best food (in their opinion) in different cities.

    Boston is a big place, and you will surely find several people on forums who have been to amazing food joints.

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