I Love My Subaru Legacy!

I will consider the product I cannot live without as my ever trusty Subaru Legacy Sedan. Having owned it for 7 years, they amount of enjoyment I have received from it is priceless. My Subaru Legacy is fun to drive, has tight suspension, and is quiet!

I bought my Subaru Legacy coupe when a friend suggested I check them out. He had a friend who had owned one for 250,000 miles. I was in the market for a new car, so went to the Subaru dealership. I have never regretted it.

My Subaru Legacy coupe has fantastically tight suspension so that it loves the winding roads in the Northwest. Instead of my body fighting turns (as in a front wheel drive), my body is one with the car. There is no discomfort in sharp turns.

My Subaru Legacy is an all-wheel drive vehicle. This means each wheel is separately controlled. Driving in snow is a dream with this feature. Same can be said about long, winding roads and mountainous terrains. All-wheel drive vehicles grip the road like front-wheel drive vehicles can only dream of. There is no comparison. The Subaru brought the joy of driving back for me. That says a lot.

Interior wise, each door has a storage area almost the length of the door. This compartment is very convenient for maps.

My Subaru Legacy coupe has a very user friendly dashboard. Everything is easy to read and well placed. At night, it lights up in a noticeably bright off white. Controls are placed in the proper position.

The center board of my Subaru Legacy coupe does have some deficiencies in its design, in my opinion. The cup holder is in the way of the radio controls. You either have to push the cup holder in to get to the controls, or maneuver blindly with it out. The cup holder is not user friendly. In fact, it is a pain.

The CD player is in the center of the center board, with its controls being beneath that. All of the audio controls are small and hard to read. They are not user friendly.

My Subaru Legacy coupe has bucket seats. The center board leads to an armrest between the seats. The armrest area has a small opening that is the perfect size for a cell phone to be put into. This armrest is well-padded and opens to a small storage compartment. There is room in here for a hidden cell phone or other needed paraphenelia.

My Subaru Legacy coupe is a quiet one. Passengers will regail about how they are so surprised with its driving quietness. It is a pleasure to see the looks on my passengers’ faces. I simply accept the compliment, smile, and mention how I love my Subaru. There is no sound of either the whistling wind nor engine as I drive. Very nice!

My Subaru Legacy coupe is great on road trips. As stated, it is a quiet ride. Plus, it is a comfortable ride. The seats are well cushioned. The steering column is well padded. Both the driver and passenger have plenty of room to maneuver in. There is plenty of foot room. The seats move back to provide this. All the levers are very easy to operate and maneuver. Plus, all the levers are probably labeled with pictures. It is very nice.

Another great feature about my Subaru Legacy is its capability to have the front seats lay almost flat. This makes for a great nap atmosphere. Way too cool.

My Subaru Legacy coupe has four doors. This makes for exceptionally easy in and out access.

I also love my Subaru for the storage room available in it. Front the outside, one would not think there was a lot of room in this car. Too bad. The back seats fold down to enable a ‘hatchback’ of sorts. It is easy to store a pair of skis in this area – amongst other items. Pull the seats back up, and you have the trunk. There is room enough for about 6 grocery bags in the truck, and then other items in the back (nearest the rear of the back seat). This car is very versatile!

There also is a hidden area (located under the trunk) which stores the spare tire. Within this area is a compartment for the jack and wrench. There is room around the tire area for a can of ’emergency spare tire’ in case anything happens to the ‘real’ spare tire.

My Subaru Legacy now has 160,000 miles and is still going strong. No major repairs yet. All it has needed is preventative maintenance: oil changes, tire rotations, air filter changes, etc. Knock knock on wood.

It is fun to go to meetings involving the outdoorsy types. The parking lot is usually filled with Subarus. They are fun, eye appealing, and oh, so versatile! A Subaru just loves being out on either the adventurous terrain or paved, flat terrain. It doesn’t care. It handles well in all situations.

Once I experienced the fun of driving an all-wheel drive Subaru, I thought the price was well worth it.

My Subaru Legacy is the inanimate love of my life!!

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