How to Find Hotels in Valletta, Malta

Finding hotels in Valletta, Malta can be a mind-numbing job if you do not know how much about the cities of the country. Malta is country known for tourism and hotels and accommodation facilities are in abundance in this country.

However, if you make a visit without doing any homework and research, you can put yourself in trouble as selecting a hotel of your choice, one that can keep on a budget can be extremely difficult. There are literally dozens of luxury hotels in Valletta, but most of them are too expensive for a common tourist. That does not mean that there aren’t any inexpensive hotels available in the city. All you have to do is to look at your financial capacity and then start making choices.


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    Make a list of amenities

    Since you are planning to visit Valletta on purpose, so it is up to you to decide what kind of amenities you want in a hotel.

    Hotels in Valletta typically range from cheap, no-frills accommodation to skyscraper, luxury ones that can cost a fortune if you are on a tight budget. Simple hotels can include a few, but essential facilities like a bed, a ceiling fan and a bathroom.

    If you are going on a business tour, a luxury hotel can be best for you as you may want to invite a few guests. But luxury hotels in Valletta can be pretty expensive as they feature amenities like spa, swimming pools, Internet, free phone service, meals. Some luxury hotels also provide direct beach access and sports facilities like tennis and badminton courts.

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    Read Valletta travel guides

    Read all the current Valletta travel guides to know what kind of accommodation is available for tourists in the city. Most of the travel guides will allow you to choose hotels of your choice as they also offer tour services. Online travel guides can save a lot of your time.

    The best thing with Valletta travel guides is that you can read reviews submitted by tourists. If you have set your sights on some hotels, you can read tourists’ reviews to get a better idea of the amenities.

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    Visit official tourism site

    If you do not find the right hotels in Valletta travel guides, you can give a try to the official tourism website for Malta. is the official website devoted to tourism in the country. The website has all the related information and you can also find a list of hotels ranging from luxury to no-frills accommodations. If you are not satisfied with the information given in the website, you can communicate with the officials through an email.

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