How to Find Specific Information In Your Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet

Microsoft Excel is used to save a lot of information which can be easily searched later. You can sort out a long list of data and easily manage finances through this software. Along with this you can easily remove the date you don’t require, search it and highlight the items you need. Keep in mind that it is easy to seek the information you require through Excel spreadsheets. After sorting the date, the information you require will be found even quickly. In case you forget where you have jolted down certain information, instead of going through all data you can find the item with some easy guidelines.


  • 1

    Open the file

    First you need to open the spreadsheet where you have jolted down your data. In order to seek the information you required, you need to open that specific Excel spreadsheet.

  • 2

    Hold Ctrl

    Now you need to hold any one of the ‘Ctrl’ button on your computer or laptop.

  • 3

    Press F

    While you are holding the ‘Ctrl’ button, you need to press the ‘F’ button on your keyboard. By this you will open a dialogue box with heading ‘Find and Replace.’

  • 4

    Fill out the field

    After ‘Find and Replace’ window is open, you need to write what you are searching for in front of ‘Find What:’ field. You can type either part or whole information which you are looking for in the field. In case you are looking for a number 87, simply jolt down 87 in the field and search. If you are looking for a word Catalogue or Category, you can simply type ‘Cat’ and search.

  • 5

    Find Next

    Now you need to click Find Next button and you will get the searched item which you have entered earlier. You will see the first cell which contains the typed words or letters which you are seeking.

  • 6

    Hit ‘Find Next’ again if this is not the box you are looking for

    In case the box appeared is not what you desire, you need to click the ‘Find Next’ button again. By this you will see the next box which contains the typed numbers or letters you have entered.

  • 7

    Repeat until you find the right cell

    You need to continue hitting ‘Find Next’ button until you find the correct box which you are looking for.

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