Microsoft Office 365 Launch Review

Few weeks earlier, Google got $35 million U.S government contract to come up with its cloud-based office solution to the Department of Interior. It was considered to be an indispensable win over Microsoft. However, Microsoft’s legacy solutions has been used for a long time in government offices, but because of the huge shift by many companies who want their productivity and collaboration services with the cloud, Microsoft is running the risk of losing its market share.

However the company has launched a new service on Wednesday, which is extremely useful for its government customers while providing them a reliable data security and privacy regulations.
Last week, Google got ISO 27001 certification for Google Apps for Business Service, and Office 365 also meets the criteria for this certification.

According to Microsoft, the new Office 365 is “a new multi-tenant service that stores US government data in a segregated community cloud.”

Another even more exceptional option that Microsoft brings in Office 365 is a private cloud. The best part in private cloud is it can be managed by both Microsoft partner and customer itself. Thus, Office 365 is extremely helpful for U.S government customers and brings some exciting improvements to the programs in which employees rely on each day.

With the help of Office 365, you will be able to make a password-protected folder. This enables you to share every type of file within the organization and outside as well, so that you don’t need to find latest version of files or documents in multiple locations, no matter how many employees are working on them.

In order to get your job done efficiently and effectively in today’s fast moving global marketplace, you need to have new and innovative ways to stay connected. Office 365 is an awesome tool to help businesses so that they remain connected and competitive.

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