How to Find the Right Candidate

While finding employees for your organisation, you must remember that your decision will have a direct impact on the progress of your company. Having the best possible employees is crucial in today’s competitive world. You will have to tread carefully as even a single mistake can jeopardise your stakes.

There is no doubt in that selecting the best candidate amongst many is not an easy job. However, it does not mean that you will have to seek help from a hiring firm. You can do it yourself by keeping couple of important things in mind.


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    What you need:

    First, you must know your requirements. The best way is to make a list of qualities that you want your employee to have. You make such lists even before shopping from a grocery store so you must not talk down the importance of this exercise while hiring for your company. This will help you in finding the right candidate for job.

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    Advertise properly:

    Next, you need to get the word out that the company is looking to hire. You will have to use the local newspaper, websites, radio and TV channels. Create an interesting ad and give all information about the post you are offering. Usually, such job announcements contain responsibilities, academic qualification, work experience and salary if necessary. Do mention the deadline for applications so that you can get enough time to scrutinise all the applications.

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    Shortlist the candidates:

    Now, when you have got countless options, it’s time to review the resume and shortlist the best candidates. Now you will have to match their qualifications with your requirements. You should consider academic qualification and experience while shortlisting candidates. It depends on the number of applications but you should have at least 3 to 5 candidates on the list.

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    Call for interview:

    These days, companies have started conducting their first interview on the phone. This method saves a lot of time of both parties. You should also follow this technique and then call for a final interview.

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    Conduct a tough interview:

    Remember, the final interview is your last chance to find the right candidate for the job so be super cautious while conducting it. You must not hesitate in asking tough questions. Do not ask obvious questions rather give a scenario and ask the candidate to find a solution. Such questions will help you in evaluating their calibre. Make a note of your observations and then select the best one.

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