How to Find the Tenth Minikit in Lego Star Wars 2

If you are playing Lego Star Wars 2 (A New Hope-Secret Plans) and are unable to find the tenth minikit, then you have reached the right place, as this article will guide you to obtain it with ease.

The tenth minikit can be found at the end of the level. However, it needs a careful search, or else, you will end up going ahead without adding it. In order to obtain it, you will have to turn on the ‘Free Play’ mode, while selecting one of your players to play for the dark side force.


  • 1

    Run the game in Free Play mode and move your character out of the first room. While leaving the door, you will see the door of another room right in front of you. Open it by pulling the lever and you will find yourself in the hallway.

    Take a left and  kill all the Stormtroopers, in a bid to proceed to another door in front.

  • 2

    Now you will have to level up for the room using the blaster toting character. Assemble the bride and cross it before blowing the charges on both side of the Dаrth Vаder. Now pull up the lever, which will open the doorfor the hallway. Follow the Vаder into the hallway and take а left.

  • 3

    Proceed all the way down the hallway, fighting Stormtroopers as you move forward. In the next room, push the yellow and black striped boxes to their targets to open the door. Continue down the hallway and select the C3PO character to disarm the red shield and use R2D2 to open the next door.

  • 4

    Switch to R2D2 and fly across to the part of the level where the Stormtroopers are attacking the rebel troopers. Switch to a character with a weapon and shoot the Stormtroopers. Fly to the door and use C3PO to open it. Continue straight down the hallway until you can go straight no further. Take a right at this point.

  • 5

    Go all the way down this hall until you reach the door that only R2D2 can open. Switch to a dark force character; use the force first on the Stormtroopers and then in the room. A minikit will appear - grab it.

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