How to Fit Golf Clubs to Your Size

Golf is an extremely competitive sport and you need immense practice and high-quality skills if you want to win different tournaments and be competitive. Just like in any other sport of the world, equipment plays a huge role in the performance of a golfer.

Properly fit golf clubs of your size are crucial in learning to play golf and consistently hitting shots on target. Every player has a different swing and body; therefore, the clubs need to fit your size for you to play properly.

Fitting the clubs according to your size is neither an expensive process nor does it consume too much time. However, it can surely help you enhance your game and perform well even on difficult golf courses.


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    You must have proper understanding of the game and your style of golf club swing. Gauge the exact length (distance from wrist to ground), measure your hands (it includes hand size as well as the size of your fingers), determine your golf club swing speed, trajectory and flight patterns.

    On average, amateurs swing their golf club at about 85/90 MPH; whereas, the professionals swing at approximately 110/120 MPH or more.

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    Use golf clubs of different sizes in practice

    During practice, have multiple golf clubs in your cart and hit several shots with each one of them to see which size suits you the most. A professional golf club fitter will take into account a number of things like how much you flex your knees, how you set the ball, your grip, stance etc.

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    Use a tape

    Apply a tape to the bottom of the club and see where the golf club hits the ground. This process will leave a mark at the center of the bottom of the golf club. It will help you understand the size of the club you require to perform well.

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    Consult your seniors

    If you are a beginner, it is always wise to learn from someone else’s experience. Consult your seniors about different sizes of the golf club and which one would suit your style of play. This will save a lot of time and headache.

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    Find a golf club fitter

    Search online for a local golf club, club fitter or a golf retail center which offers golf club fitting services. Get your golf clubs checked every year to ensure that you are using the right size.

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