How to Fix 1604 iPhone Error

No doubt when apple launched its products a massive revolution was noticed in the field of technology and gadgets. Despite the fact that “i“ products have astonishing features, they also tend to encounter various errors while processing or performing any function. And amongst them, error 1604 is a common fault which is noticed when a USB and your phone are connected. The USB timing is related to this error. You can prevent this fault or fix it by if you change the USB ports or use a different dock connector. You actually have to fix the USB connections but if this error is still being viewed, then you will have to take a look at your computer.


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    If the issue doesn't get fixed by troubleshooting or changing the USB ports, you can follow the below mentioned steps to resolve it.

    - Before you take a look at the USB connection make sure you are using a USB 2.0 port.
    - Do not forget to update the version of iTunes
    - Take a high power USB 2.0 port and connect your device directly to it. Make sure you do not plug in the device into standalone or a keyboard hub.
    - Remove the accessory from the dock and by using apple USB Dock Connector cable, plug it in to the computer.
    - Restart your device as well as your computer.
    - Except for your mouse and keyboard, disconnect the USB devices from your computer. In the end you will connect your iOS device, if the connection is successful, test it after each connection.

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    If the above mentioned procedure does not work then follow the course of actions stated below:

    - After making sure that your device is in the Recovery Mode, connect your device with iTunes.
    - After restoring wait for the error and click OK when it appears.
    - Do not disconnect your device. Close the iTunes application and then reopen it.
    - In the Recovery Mode the device will get recognition.
    - In the end again restore.

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