How to Fix a Dislocated Shoulder by Yourself

A join injury is always hard to bear but when it comes to dislocation, the pain just becomes worst. Not to mention, in most cases, the patients even after getting their dislocations healed, keep experiencing the pain. It is often observed that patients keep suffering from dislocations when they try to pull weight, or due to cold. Nevertheless, if you have experienced or experiencing such pain, you need not to worry as with the help of simple steps, you can fix your dislocated shoulder and do not have to go doctor repeatedly.


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    Choose a non slippery surface

    In order to fix your dislocated shoulder, you must find a non slippery surface. Remember that, trying to perform these steps on a slippery surface can result in further injuries; therefore, you must find a suitable place. After you have chosen the right place, you must sit on a floor and bend the knee of same side. For example, if your right shoulder is dislocated, you should bend your right knee. Now you should place fingers on your knee and if your fingers do not have enough strength, consider tying your wrists with the knee. While trying your wrists, you must ensure that they are tightly aligned with your knee.

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    Bend your back

    After you have set the base of your position, you must bend your back and stretch your neck as much as possible. Now you should stretch your hips and elbows away from the shoulder, making your bent knee and shoulder the focal point.

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    Wave shoulders in circular style

    You must move both of your shoulders in a circular style. This way you will have a good chance of moving plate of your dislocated shoulder. Keep doing it for a couple of minutes and if your shoulder gets back into its place, you will hear a clear noise, like it is stuck in something. If moving the shoulders forward did not help you must try the same doing backwards.

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    Use sling to keep shoulder still

    In order to perform these steps in a proper manner, you must ensure that your shoulder is still otherwise your efforts will not reap fruit. You should tie a sling properly to your shoulder, tying it tightly to your shoulder often helps getting your shoulder back in its place.

  • 5

    Ice your shoulder

    Keep icing your shoulder on daily basis as it reduces pain.

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