How to Fix Bushy Eyebrows for Girls

That is the time when your body is going through changes, everything seems abnormal, and your temperament starts to suffer.

The overgrown brows can also be a result of genetic inclinations, and basically overshadow the more important features on the face – eyes and lips. Given how conscious most of the women are about their looks, it is important to know more about maintaining the oddly growing brows and correcting the frame of the face.

There are two ways through which you can maintain the eye brows, trimming and threading. The most important thing in giving bushy eyebrows a polished look is to remain conscious and persistent.


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    The easiest way to fix busy eyebrow is through trimming. The method is simple. Take a very fine comb, and use it to push the brows in an upward direction. Hold the comb still and use a fine scissor to finely trim off the hair. The trimming should be done along the eyebrow line.

    If you feel that this process can be a bit tricky for you, considering that you have to keep hands still, you can apply a hair gel on the brows, comb them in the upward direction, and then cut them through a scissor.

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    Also known as tweezing, this is by far the most common method women use to fix their eyebrows, both professionally and at home.

    - The process starts by loosening the hair follicles. This is done by soaking a small velvet cloth in warm water and rubbing it gently on your eyebrows.

    - Now pick one hair, and hold it with your left hand in such a way that there is good space to introduce the plucker from the other hand, and remove the hair. The plucking should be done with a jerk and in the direction of hair growth otherwise it may become painful.

    - First clear the area between the two brows and then concentrate on individual eye.

    - After finishing the process, comb your eyebrows to see if there is any unevenness. If yes, use the plucker to adjust it.

    - After you are done tweezing, use a light hand rub to soothe the area.

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