How To Pick the Perfect Eyeshadow Color

Choosing the perfect eyeshadow color can mean differently to different people, which includes quality and branding of the product. However, most of the time it is the right colour that people want to have perfectly matching their eyes. A perfectly chosen colour will accentuate beauty of the eyes. Your eyes will look impressive on the beautiful done makeup. Choosing the best eyeshadow colour will largely rely on your ability to know the tone of your skin. You can also get help on the drug store in selecting a colour that will suit your eyes colour.


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    Skin Tone

    If you know your skin tone, you can be able to choose the best eyeshadow colour. For this you can also seek an opinion on the counter of the drug store, from where you buy the eyeshadow products. They can better help you determine your skin tone. Also, if you have previously got your eyeshadows done professionally, you can count on the opinion of the beautician.

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    Eye Colour

    You better know your eyes colour and can choose the eyeshadow accordingly. For example, a contrast colour for eyeshadow will make your eyes stand out more. So consider this aspect before picking up the eyeshadow colour.

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    Recommended Colours

    For different eyes, different eyeshadow colours are recommended. For example, for blue eyes, warm brown or peaches will make your eyes stand out. Since brown is contrast to blue, it will signify blue colour more. For gray eyes, cool brown and cool purples are the recommended colours and for hazel or green eyes, warm orange-brown is the best colour to choose.

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    Special Care

    Be careful in selection of different colours, as you can end up make your eyes look worse. It is better to get an opinion from any of your friend or family member after application of the colour for the first time to avoid embarrassment.

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    The working of the eyeshadow colours also depends on how you have done your face make-up. Beautifully done eye-shadows are no good on a bad make-up. So the selection of your make-up colours can complement the colour of your eyeshadows. So be careful about selection of products for your make-up as much as you will do about the eyeshadow colours.

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    The selection of brand can also affect your eyeshadow. Lower quality products might fade out no matter if the colour perfectly matches your skin tone. So give a consideration to branding and quality of the products.

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