How to Do Cat Scratches on Eyebrows

Cat scratch eyebrows were the rave a few years ago, with almost everyone who wanted to do something unique with their appearance turning to their eyebrows to show how they really were, cat people.

Interestingly enough, the origin of the cat scratch actually originated from an incident where the member of a gang in London was scratched by his cat on the eyebrow, leaving three evenly spaced gashes. Instead of being mocked by his rival gang members he ordered the rest of his gang members to get a similar eyebrow style. The style had become so popular that different amounts of cuts on the eyebrows became a way to tell one gang from the other.


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    The first step is to prepare the eyebrow. Do this by washing it with a light application of shampoo. This should get the eyebrow hair to become a lot softer and easier to manage. Towel dry it lightly but ensure there is some moisture there. Remember to take your time while preparing your eyebrows.

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    Plan on where you wish to make the cuts and how many ‘scratches’ you want. It is important to plan beforehand so as to prevent getting carried away when the actual fun begins. Take advice from others who have done this before to get a better understanding as to how many 'scratches' you want in your eyebrows.

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    Use any cutting devices or trimmer to cut off a small, straight section of the eyebrow. It is best to do them in threes, but only if you are sure during the planning stage. Make sure each scratch is evenly spaced and the same distance from one another. Symmetry is key here. Remember to be careful while doing this as your eyebrows are very close to your eyes and you can get hurt if not alert.

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    Alternatively, one could actually get scratched by a cat but we do not advise this method as it could end up resulting in serious injuries, especially in the eyes and facial area.

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    Also, make sure that the tools and cutting utensils you are using are sterile and sharp, otherwise they could cause injuries and result in bleeding which would be counterproductive.

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