How to Use an Eyelash Curler Properly

Use of an eyelash curler has many benefits. It while curling eyelashes makes eyes look wider and brighter, while eyelashes appear fuller and natural. The basic aim is to make most of the eyelashes, whether long or short, through curling the hair, and thus accentuating beauty of the eyes and face, overall. This adds to overall facial makeup and make the person look more beautiful. The technique of curling the eyelash hair is commonly used these days. A curler can easily be bought in the market and used with a delicate ease, even if you are a first-time user.


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    Remove Makeup

    First of all you need to remove your eyes makeup to allow the curler being used conveniently and preventing your eyelash hair being pulled from its roots. If you try to use the curler with eyes makeup on, this will not help your eyelash hair getting curled properly, but might make them sticky. Use proper makeup removal. You can dampen a piece of cotton to clean the eyelashes hair.

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    Heating Curler Before Use

    Heating curler is not a mandatory step in use of eyelash hair curler but it clearly makes a positive difference. You can use your hair dryer to heat the curler. Just plug in your hair dryer and put it on the heat level for a few seconds then blast the curler with hot air. This will heat the curler and you can use it effectively.

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    Positioning of Curler

    After you have heated the hair curler, just stand in front of a mirror and wide open your eyes. Put your eyelash hair right in the centre of the curler, with one side of it on the hair and other beneath the hair. Make sure your eyelash hair is in the middle of the curler so when it clamps down the hair is curled through one end to the other effectively.

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    Actual Curling

    Once you are assured that your eyelash hair is positioned in the centre of the curler, clamp down the curler and hold it to the position for about five seconds. Remove the curler to see if the eyelash is curled and then do the same process for the other eyelash. Although the use of curler does not poses any major risk to eyes, still be careful about its use. Use a mirror that gives you a clear picture of what you are doing.

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