How to Cut Eyelashes of Baby

The eyelashes of a baby are very beautiful and extremely neat to see because of there being no chemical application on them, unlike ours which have been tampered with throughout the year. There are those babies that are naturally born with longer eyelashes than others, while some do not really have much to be seen in this regard. Whatever the case, parents have different reasons to cut the eyelashes of a baby.

For those babies with long eyelashes, it can be irritating as the hair may break off and fall into their eyes from time to time; forcing the baby to cry. Some parents look to capitalize on cutting them off and having darker, longer eyelashes grow back in their place.


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    Take Extreme Care

    This is an obvious thing to say, but when dealing with a baby, extreme care must be taken into consideration whenever doing anything. Cutting eyelashes is a delicate process and needs to be handled with caution. Make sure that there is no distraction around to bump into you while you have scissors close to your baby’s eye.

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    Dry the Eyelashes

    If the baby has been crying or is just fresh out of a bath, make sure to dry the eyelashes first so that you have an easier time dealing with the cutting the eyelashes. They should be dried off with a small and very soft and delicate cloth. Do not pull on your baby’s eyelashes as they are a very sensitive part of his body and could cause pain with the slightest abnormality. Be sure to keep your baby in a happy mood before getting into cutting his or her eyelashes.

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    Cut the Eyelashes

    This is the main and most important part of the process. If your baby has long eyelashes, take them softly into your fingers and cut the desired length. Most parents cut them halfway through and not more than that in order to save the baby from any discomfort he or she may have due to it.

    Due to it being a delicate process with those baby’s with smaller eyelashes and parents wanting to cut them so that they grow back longer and thicker, a lot of care needs to be taken. The skin is right below the hair so try and cut above your fingers and not below it. This should be done very slowly and steadily, most preferably when the baby is asleep so there is not much movement at all.

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