How to Apply Permanent Eyebrows

A permanent makeup eyebrow gives a lot of confidence to women who miss natural eyebrows. It is an art, which can be learnt and mastered with a lot effort and concentration. It is nevertheless an essential need of many women, whose makeup on other facial features lacks a statement without having a makeup eyebrow. You can apply permanent makeup eyebrows yourself if you have a qualification and license, otherwise, it is highly recommended to get it done professionally.


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    Get Yourself Qualified

    To be able to apply permanent eyebrows, you need to be qualified. You can get yourself registered for training in a local institute and get a certificate in permanent makeup eyebrows application.

  • 2

    Get License

    After training, you will need to apply for a license for permanent makeup eyebrows from the government and once being awarded the license you can actually apply the makeup eyebrows.

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    Set Up Clean Place

    You have to set up a place for beauty clinic, which should be cleaned and protected from weather's harshness. Also, you need to have all supplies and tools sterilized and cleaned before use.

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    Determining Eyebrow Tone

    First step in application of permanent makeup eyebrow is studying tone of hair of client's brow before mixing inks. Being able to choose right pigmentation of eyebrows skin tone is a right help in the process of application of permanent makeup eyebrow. The makeup eyebrows should add to the tone of eyebrow, rather than fading out its colour.

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    Application of Eyebrow

    Before application of eyebrow, prepare your tools and sterilize them. Also, cover the skin around the marked area so that it is not damaged by the ink of the makeup eyebrow. Apply the ink to the eyebrow area with a gentle tap and touch method. Study techniques such as SofTap Hand Method Guide and selection of right needles to minimize the discomfort level to the client.

  • 6

    Pigmentation Application

    Continue application of pigmentation until the eyebrow appears natural and finished. Also, advise your client that she should expect the eyebrows appearing slightly darker over the next couple of days. You should also assure the client that the skin around the permanent makeup will be healed in five to six days.

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