How to Shape Eyebrows with Pencil

The unflawed, pretty-up and well-shaped eyebrows showcase your beautiful eyes, drastically enhancing your overall appearance and personality. Unluckily, not everyone is blessed with such beautiful and well-defined pair of brows. Anyhow, nothing is impossible in the world of beauty. Yes! The simple and easily available eyebrow pencil is something you can never afford to overlook in shaping your eyebrows. Just run an eyebrow pencil over your pale brows and look super pretty.

All you have to do is go through the given below simple steps and shape your eyebrows with a pencil:

Things you will need to shape eyebrows with pencil:
– Eyebrow Pencils
– Spoolie
– Clear Eyebrow gel


  • 1

    First of all choose the right eyebrow pencil, keeping your brows in mind.  You can select a two-shaded dark eye pencil for fair eyebrows and a light shade for dark eyebrows.

  • 2

    Once you select an eyebrow pencil, bring together all the required equipments on your dressing table, right in front of you. It helps in finding the right equipment on right time.

  • 3

    Place your index finger at the temple of your face and hold the skin stretched tight. Hold the selected eyebrow pencil firmly with the other hand and line delicately along the high edge of your left eyebrow. Now, apply the pencil along the lower edge of your eyebrow. Gently fill in between the upper and lower lines in feathery strokes. Repeat with your right eyebrow.

    Note: Make sure you have an eyebrow pencil with a pointed tip. Otherwise sharpen it before application.

  • 4

    It is time to blend the applied eyebrow pencil. Take a spoolie and run it over the full length of your eyebrows, starting from inner corner of brow and brushing up and out. It helps to make the color of the eyebrow pencil softer and to blend it perfectly. Repeat the same procedure with the other brow.

  • 5

    Last but not the least; grab and a clear eyebrow gel and brush from the inner corner of your eyebrows to the out ends. The gel helps in keeping the hair of your eyebrow errant in one position. Moreover, it prevents the eyebrow pencil from smudging. Enjoy good-lucking and perfectly shaped eyebrows.

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