How to Get Chola Eyebrows

The technique of getting Chola eyebrows is to hide the original or natural eyebrows and then design with the makeup another one on them. The trend, according to researchers, dates back to Latin culture, when people started to apply heavy makeup to get sassy look, especially at night. Since then people use this facial makeup technique world over. Women particularly get the eyebrows done from professional makeup artists or apply on their own. The trend has grown to incorporate many new and trendy designs to craft new eyebrows on the makeup.


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    Cleaning of Face

    The process of getting chola eyebrows with heavy facial makeup starts with washing of the face with a mild soap or face wash. After washing the face it should be dried with a soft towel, either cleansing it softly of patting it on the face softly so that water is dried up.

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    Rubbing with Glue Stick

    After drying up your face, take makeup glue stick and rub downward on the eyebrow, and do it again on the other eyebrow. Pick any particles of the glue from your eyebrow and do the same process again. The process is same for both eyebrows, and be assured that no particle or globs from the glue are left on your eye brows.

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    Use of Concealer

    Next step in the chola eyebrows is to hide your original eyebrows. For this you use a makeup concealer. Pick up a concealer that matches your skin tone. Take the sponge from your makeup accessories, dub the sponge in the concealer and apply it on the brows, until the original or natural brows disappear. Repeat the same process for both eyes. Once you see your natural brows are no more there, take the next step.

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    Holding Brows Makeup

    To hold up your brows makeup, use a makeup concealer cream. Use sponge to apply the cream on the makeup to prevent from smearing. In this way the makeup on your eyebrows will stick to the brow position firmly.

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    Draw New Brows

    Once original brows concealed, you can select the design you want, and then by the pencil liner draw up new eyebrows just above the concealed or natural one. Start drawing from the inner edge and draw upwards and bend the pencil to draw diagonal shape and stop at the arcs of your natural or concealed eyebrows. Do it again for other eyebrow.

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