How to Apply Mascara to Long Lashes

Thick and long eyelashes can easily enhance the beauty of your eyes, but for that you have to follow few techniques or else you will not succeed in taking advantage of your natural beauty. Now days, good quality fake eye lashes are also available in the cosmetic stores, which is a convenient way to make your eyes look more pretty and extraordinary. Mascara is a magical item in the world of makeup, which can do wonders, with not only thick and long eyelashes, but for the thin ones as well. You just need to a little know how about the exact technique of application.


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    Before applying mascara which will help in adding some volume into your eyelashes, take an eyelash curler and try to curl them in one direction. Natural eyelashes may grow in different direction so with this tool you will be able to make their direction proper.

    In order to curl your eyelash start from the base and hold the lashes for at least three to four seconds then hold the middle of your eyelash with this tool and in the same order the tips of your eyelashes will also get curled.

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    Choose black mascara which is commonly used, although there are several other shades available in market still black can easily go with any sort of occasion or outfit.

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    Start applying the mascara from the base and move towards the tips of the lash. While moving the direction towards the tips of the eyelashes shake your mascara stick, this will help you in applying it evenly on the lashes, instead of leaving batches all over the lashes.

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    Mascara is an eminent part of makeup which helps in giving a dramatic makeup look, never forget to put on mascara after completing your eye makeup.

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