How to Pluck or Wax Eyebrows Without the Pain

Loving the perfectly shaped eyebrows with neat and clean plucked arches and hating the pain involved in it is a human nature. Plucking Eyebrows or Waxing Eyebrows are the two basic methods used to shape the eyebrows according to your desire and facial features. However, both of the methods involve pain as it’s all about pulling out the thick eyebrow hair from the soft facial skin. Anyhow, simple methods are available to reduce this pain to very much extend in order to make plucking and waxing eyebrows fun and painless experience. Are you ready to know about those techniques? If yes, here we go…


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    Use sharp tweezers

    Tweezers with blunt and dull tips can make the plucking of eyebrows more painful. Use sharp tweezers to pluck the eyebrow hair smoothly and within few seconds.

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    Apply pain relief gel

    Wide range of pain relief gels / liquid pain relievers of well-known companies are easily available in the market. Dab some pain relief gel or liquid pain relievers to your eyebrows area 15 to 20 minutes prior to plucking or waxing the eyebrows. Make sure that the gel thoroughly penetrates into your skin.

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    Take a warm shower

    Taking shower with warm water prior to waxing or plucking the eyebrows is also useful as it opens up the pores of your skin, relieving the pain. If you don’t want to take shower for this minor activity, then simply dip some cotton balls into a warm water and dab it on your eyebrows until thoroughly wet. Wipe the eyebrows dry and the wax or pluck them.

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    Pluck close to the roots of eyebrow hairs

    If you are using the plucking method to shape your eyebrows, then make sure to pluck the eyebrow hair close to their roots. If you hold the hair from the tip, then you will have to exert more force to pluck it out which in return increase the pain chances.

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    Pluck in the direction of the hair growth

    Either you are using the plucking method or waxing method, make sure to pull out the eyebrow hair in the direction of the hair growth. For example, if you are waxing or plucking your right eyebrow, simply pull the eyebrow hair in the right hand-side direction.

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    Apply some Aloe Vera Lotion or Gel

    Apply some Aloe Vera Lotion or Gel prior to plucking or waxing the eyebrows as it is another useful remedy to reduce the pain. You can also apply it after plucking or waxing so reduce the redness and itching of skin.

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