How to Understand Alternatives to Dyeing your Eyelashes

The chic fashion trends are at peak now days and permanent dyeing of eyelashes is a true example of it. No doubt the nicely dyed eyelashes are impressive enough to rock various parties and get-together, but as it is well said that “All that glitters is not gold.”  This technique is not highly recommendable as it can hurt your eyes, which are your only assets to enjoy the beauty of nature and blessings. Dyeing your Eyelashes can put in you in some serious trouble in the form of eye injury and blindness etc. Therefore it is always better to avoid this technique. At the same time if you really want to attain gorgeous eyelashes, simply consider the various alternatives to eyelashes dyeing. They are easy to adopt and give natural look to your eyelashes. They are safe to wear as well.

Things Needed:

– Eyelash Curler
– Mascara
– Eyeliner
– Mirror
– False Eyelashes


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    Curl your Eyelashes

    Roll your natural eyelashes with an eyelash curler to attain more dramatic look. It gives volume to your eyelashes, making them look thick and nice. You can buy it from your nearest drug store or beauty shop.

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    Apply Colored Mascara

    Wide range of colored mascaras is now introduced by some of the well known beauty companies. Once you curl your eyelashes, select colorful mascara according to your requirement and apply few coats of it in the upward strokes. Leave it for some time until thoroughly dry and enjoy. Waterproof colored mascaras are also available in the market for more long lasting results.

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    Apply Dark Eyeliner

    Dark eyeliner is another effective alternative to Dyeing your Eyelashes that really works wonders in enhancing the overall look of your eyes. This simple make up product gives eye-catching form, definition and depth to your eyelashes. Once the coats of your mascara dry completely, apply some sine quality dark eyeliner to your upper and lower eyelashes. Wait for minutes until it dries well.

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    Apply False Eyelashes

    False lashes, also known as eyelash extensions or fake eyelashes, are useful alternatives to eyelash dying and pop up your eyes wonderfully. Apply them properly and top with some mascara and eyeliner for more striking look. You can find the manufacturer’s instructions on the top of the false eyelashes’ package to wear them in the right way. Check out the simple method to Remove False Eyelashes Safely at the end of the day, before going to bed.

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