How to Make Eyebrow Stencils

Eyebrows are one of the most essential features of your face, and shaping them is one extremely important and necessary in order to look more attractive. Whether your eyebrows are curved or angled, they have the ability to enhance one’s facial appearance. However, if they are not shaped up properly, they can also give out a dreadful look. Several females visit beauty salons regularly to keep their eyebrows perfectly shaped up, but if you do not want to spend your time and money regularly at visiting salons, and want to do it at home by yourself, then eyebrow stencil is the perfect thing to get the job done. Although one can purchase it from any beauty store as well, it can also easily be made at home.

Things Required:

– X-acto knife
– Piece of paper
– Ruler
– Transparent plastic sheet (about 2 millimetres thick)
– Thin-tipped Sharpie marker


  • 1

    Take the piece of paper, and cut a piece from it with a dimension of 1 inch length and 2 inch width. Trace it onto a transparent sheet of plastic with the help of a sharpie. Now with the help of X-acto knife, cut the area of the sheet of plastic where you have just traced the piece of paper. Your basic frame of eyebrow stencil has been made.

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    After making the basic frame of eyebrow stencil, you need to decide which type of eyebrow stencil you want to make. Round, angled, curved and flat are few of the basic shapes one can choose. However, one must make sure before choosing any of the shapes that which eyebrow shape will fit perfectly according to their facial appearance.

  • 3

    Once you have decided about the shape, draw it onto the basic frame of eyebrow stencil with the help of sharpie. After drawing the shape, cut out the eyebrow shape from the basic frame of the eyebrow stencil with the help of X-acto knife. When you have perfectly cut the shape out of the frame, your basic frame of eyebrow stencil will become the eyebrow stencil. One can use it repeatedly for countless times.

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