How to Bleach Eyebrows At Home

Our endeavours for the perfect facial appearance meet no end. We all try to find the perfect balance for our hair shade.  If you coloured your hair in a lighter shade recently and noticed that your eyebrows look too dark in comparison, you will have to do the same with your eyebrows so that both of them complement each other. However, you can not use hair colour to lighten your brows because they are too strong to be used near your eyes. Bleach products are used for this purpose. Bleaching gives your eyebrows a lighter colour. It also gives a softer touch to your facial features. It is an easy process and can be done at home by anyone. Bleaching your eyebrows at home also saves the money for the salon services because the only cost you incur is that of the bleach itself.

Things Required:

– Facial bleach kit
– Towel
– Cotton swabs
– Hair conditioner


  • 1

    Prepare the face:

    Wash the face off with a good face wash to remove traces of any old makeup or dust. You need a clean face to work on. Pat it dry. Tie up your hair and secure with a band so that there are no interruptions while you work. Drape a towel over your shoulders and on the floor on which you work to cover up for any mess.

  • 2

    Make the Paste:

    Bleach products come with their manual. Read the manual carefully and prepare the paste.

  • 3

    Apply Bleach:

    The kit comes with an applicator. Use it to apply the paste on to your eyebrows, starting from the thickest part and moving on to the thinnest. Try to contain the bleach to your eyebrows as much as possible. Take special care about protecting your eyes from the bleach.

    Use the cotton balls to remove bleach from any other part that you do not intend to lighten.

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    Remove and Check:

    Check the clock for two minutes. After that, remove a small part of the bleach with the cotton dipped in cold water. Check for the change in colour and whether this goes with the look you wanted. If it does, remove all the bleach. If it does not, keep it on for a bit longer. However, do not exceed five minutes. After you remove all of the bleach, apply a bit of the hair conditioner to your eyebrows as a moisturizer.

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