How to Darken Eyelashes without Mascara

It is the dream of every woman to have dark and thick eyelashes, but unfortunately for a lot of them, it is still a distant dream. Why is that? It is because most women do not realize that there are many other techniques to darken your eyelashes, naturally, instead of having to use mascara every time.

There may seem nothing wrong with applying mascara, but due to the chemicals and hassle of having to apply it every single day and with it washing out with waters or tears, everyone is looking to change that for good. With nature being by your side, it has never been easier to darken eyelashes.


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    Checking out Growth Products

    Obviously, having dark eyelashes is a result of the thick hair around your eyes and not having it is the reason we have to apply mascara in order to artificially make it seem like we do. There are a number of products that specialize in boosting hair growth around the eyes and with a little time, just may increase your eyelash population and ultimately, darken them to the extent that you are looking for.

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    Check out the Professional Salons

    Surprisingly, most women do not know that there local salons do offer this sort of treatments just because they have never thought of giving it a chance or thought something like this could be possible. Everything is possible if you look for it, and in this case, your professional salon is the best place to go to get some professional advice on whether this sort of treatment is right for you or not.

    Some clients around the world have seen growth in as little as four weeks and for others, it has taken up to 16 weeks in total. Products like Latisse and Lashdip claim that their use may increase in an 18 percent in darkening, which can be found on the product’s website as well.

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    Try Lashdip or Latisse

    Lashdip can be applied at most professional salons that offer the treatment and could range from $100 to more at times depending on the length of the course. During this treatment, a lot of care will be required and cannot allow you to be around water in that area during the four to six weeks.

    Latisse on the other hand will require a prescription. Pick that prescription from your pharmacist ad eventually after proper use; you should begin noticing a difference. It all depends on the treatment you choose and the dedication you show during it.

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