How to Generate HTML HEX Codes Online

If you are working on HTML and want to add a specific colour to a specific area, you will be required to add HEX code for your desired colour. The HEX codes for some of the most commonly used colours are easy to remember, and most programmers do not need to consult any specific chart for that.

However, if you are in need of using a colour that you do not know the HEX code of, then you may have to look for it online. Fortunately, there are different websites available where you can generate HEX codes for your desired colours.


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    Open your web browser and start the search engine of your choice. Write “HEX code generator” in the search field; then click the “Search” button or just hit the “Enter” key on your keyboard.

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    You will now see a huge list of different websites offering online HEX code generators. Open some of them in new windows. Check them one by one and select the one that you feel can solve your problem.

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    Hexhelp is one such website which allows you to find the HEX code for your desired colour with ease. You just have to open the website and you will see a box appearing at the top left corner of the screen, with a colour circle around it.

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    First, you need to select a main colour from the circle. For instance, if you are looking for HEX code for a shade or tinge of green, then click the particular area on the circle, and all the shades and tints of green colour will appear in the box.

  • 5

    Click and drag your cursor to check for different shades and tints available, and look for the one that best matches your desired colour. When you are done with finding your desired colour, just release the mouse button and copy the code present in the “Colour” field by clicking the clipboard button appearing right against the code.

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    Go to your HTML editor; paste the code at your desired area, and check its preview. If everything looks fine, save your HTML file.

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