How to Get a Body like Beyonce

Beyonce may be a great singer and a good actress, but let’s face it, that is not the only reason why people, especially men, love her. She has an amazing curvaceous figure.

Since men find her so desirable, it is only natural for women to crave for a body like hers to make heads turn. Having a figure like Beyonce also makes it possible to look good in literally anything you wear, be it casual, formal or club wear.

Things Required:

– Master Cleanse guide
– Music system
– Gym membership or equipment
– Workout clothes
– Running shoes


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    During her interview on the Oprah Winfrey Show in 2006, Beyonce had revealed that following the Master Cleanse Diet had helped her shed 20 pounds. The diet basically involves intake of modified juices such as lemon, water, cayenne pepper and maple syrup. If you weigh more than what is ideal for your height, then you should try the Master Cleanse Diet. It may help you to drop the extra pounds and move closer to attaining a figure like Beyonce’s.

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    You cannot survive without solids for long. Beyonce is very much aware of this and therefore eats when she is hungry. However, she is really careful about what she puts in her mouth. Do not start eating food that is high in calories. Instead, go for something that has a high nutritional value.

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    Regular exercise is the key to getting a body like Beyonce. She works out at least five times a week in order to keep herself in shape. Her workout routine typically includes a 30-minute cardio and follows it up with a 45-minute session of free weights. You cannot expect yourself to get the same figure as hers if you sit on the couch all day long, watching your favourite show. You will need to make yourself a bit uncomfortable by putting on your workout clothes and running shoes and actually getting away from the comfort of your home. If you do not have free weights at home, get a gym membership and go there.

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    It is nearly impossible to keep oneself from noticing Beyonce’s rear end, as it is so perfect. You can have a rear as amazing as hers, though you will need to start doing certain exercises that specifically target that region. Learn about these exercises from the Internet or the trainer at your gym.

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    Turn on some music and start dancing to it. Despite working out and following a comprehensive diet plan, Beyonce still stretches herself through her daily dance routine. You may eventually start enjoying this particular form of cardio if you put on your favourite music.

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