10 Most Noble Professions In the World

There are many ways in which a person can make money. Some of them need a lot of training and education while others are not as hard. Some of them are taken up purely because of financial considerations while others are chosen simply because a person had to do something. Yet there are people who go into a profession because of the nobility that is attached to it.

There are many such professions which are difficult, demanding and often do not pay enough. It is indeed a great effort to join them and serve the people.


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    They are entrusted to dispense the medications to the patients and make sure that the prescribed medications are good for the patient keeping in view their medical history.

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    Police Officer

    They are willing to put their own lives on the line to help in maintaining law and order in society.

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    A very noble profession indeed and an important one as well. Teachers shape and build the generations for the future.

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    The postman delivers letters to homes and offices and makes life a lot easier for everyone. Without a postman, life would be very complicated.

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    Nurses are an important part of any healthcare facility. Nurses perform duties round the clock to make sure that the patients remain comfortable and their treatment is properly done.

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    Volunteerism of any kind is an extremely noble work. One has to take time out to help others without the greed of any kind of reward other than making the lives of others better.

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    These medical professionals mainly manage those in distress of any kind. The job is tough and one has to deal with extremely precarious situations while maintaining their own calm.

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    It is not an easy job being a doctor. You have to sacrifice a lot in your personal life and deal with a lot of hard situations on an everyday basis.

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    Fire Fighter

    When everyone is moving away from fire, they are the ones heading towards it to put it out. One of the toughest as well as riskiest jobs possible in the world.

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  • 10


    Moms are the centre of any society as they provide the training that shapes the personality of a person. They are the building stone at which the foundation of a person’s personality is developed. They sacrifice their likes and dislikes and chances to move forward just to make sure that their kids have a good life.

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