How to Recover From Scandal Like Mel Gibson

Many celebrities spend their time wrapped up in controversies and scandals; while some gain popularity by staying in the news for all the wrong reasons (such as Lindsay Lohan), established actors like Mel Gibson can see their reputation go down the drain after a scandal. The careers of many actors have ended because they could not recover from certain scandals. Mel Gibson has seen a lean patch in his life, and is now trying to redeem his lost stature in Hollywood. After making racist and anti-Semitic remarks, Gibson landed in trouble where he saw many fellow celebrities turning their backs on him – however, he has managed to get back up and is currently in the process of recovery. Gibson’s actions offer a good lesson on how to recover from a scandal, and get back on your feet.


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    The first thing you need to do is stop drinking in excess, so that you can control your tongue, and avoid further scandal. If you are famous, what you say in public will be held against you. If you end up making the mistake of opening your mouth where you shouldn’t, make sure you immediately issue an apology, as this will prevent the situation from worsening.

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    The next step is to release a press statement with a clarification, and insist that what you said was either taken out of context or was said under the influence of alcohol. If you must, state that you regret your actions deeply.

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    When you have targeted a specific community, be prepared to face a backlash. Understand that you have angered a group of people and they are now going to express their frustration at you. The best thing to do in this case is to issue a general apology, refrain from responding to these people, and let them take out their anger.

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    Mel Gibson’s latest scandal saw him under fire for having hit his Russian mistress, and having called her names, making her a target of verbal and physical abuse. Any abuse against women will bring you a bad name, and this is a situation you cannot get away from that easily. In this case a formal apology is the best solution to the problem. Let the people and the victim know that you mean it when you say sorry and convince your spouse or partner that this will never happen again.

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    Try to lay low and keep a low profile for a while. However, if you do end up going out clubbing, make sure you stay away from alcohol and drugs at all costs. The last thing you need is to be portrayed as an insensitive person who is continuing with his/her partying despite having behaved badly.

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    Therapy is also a major solution to your problems; it is important that you get some therapy for your temper and drinking problems. This will also show the public that you are eager to reform, and soften your image to some degree.

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