How to Do the Worm Like Michael Jackson

Just about everyone knows and recognizes Michael JacksonĀ as being the king of pop. The singer went on to change the music industry forever and is regarded to be one of the greatest, if not the greatest solo singer of all time.

His music transcends time and the way he moved on the stage, is something that every dancer wishes to do.

Jackson was most famously known for his moonwalk, which saw him glide across the stage and make it look like it was made out of ice. However, his other dance move, which was the worm is almost just as popular.

The moonwalk is somewhat easier to learn, but the worm is something that requires a lot of training, practice and dedication, in order for anyone to be able to master the arts and techniques behind the move.

All you need is a push in the right direction and you can do the worm on your own.


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    Before you go on and start doing the worm, you need to figure out just what the move is all about. Watch some videos of it and see Michael Jackson performing the move as well. The more you watch him, the more you will be able to associate with his technique, and the more likely you are to get motivated to perform it better.

    When starting off, go ahead and lie down on the floor. You need have your belly facing downwards, and you should position yourself in a manner, which makes it look like you are about to start doing pushups.

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    Now go on and bring your toes over your rear end. You need to bring them back at a forty five degree angle, and you can perfect this by doing a lot of practice. You need to ensure that when you are moving your legs, the rest of your body stays still and in place.

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    Next you need to push your body up with your arms and pretend to start wiggling as you bring it back down to the floor. When your hands hit the floor again, go ahead and kick out with your toes once again. Just remember that when your toes are on the ground your arms are in the air and when your toes are in the air, your hands are in the air.

    Now go on and repeat these moves till you are tired of doing the worm.

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