How to Get a Body Like Heidi Klum

A super model, mother of two and still gorgeous as always, Heidi Klum is the one whom several girls adore. She still has a marvellous figure and flaunting curves. Klum needs to stay like this because of her demanding modelling job. She is working for Victoria Secret and Sports Illustrated and if Klum gets out of shape, she’ll definitely lose her job. Klum is also known for her sweet personality besides her dashing good looks. In order to stay slim and gorgeous, Klum undergo through intense exercise routine and David Kirsch’s ‘The Ultimate New York Diet.’


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    Make a workout plan and stick to it

    You need to make a workout plan and follow it strictly. Remember that Klum has hired a personal trainer, David Kirsch, who made a workout plan which can be followed wherever you are. In case Heidi is out of town or somewhere far, she doesn’t require using dumbbells to workout. She will do some other exercises in order to stay in shape.

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    Different combination of exercises

    You need to plan different combination of workout exercises every day. Besides this you need to work out for at least four days a work and focus more on aerobic and strength training exercises. Klum perform exercises ranging from crunches to shadowboxing. She also perform lunges, squats and jumping jacks all of which she do in one minute interval for almost three fourth of an hour.

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    Eat small meals

    You need to eat small meals throughout the day in order to maintain your metabolism at an optimal level. You need to have five meals a day in order to get in shape like Klum. Remember that Klum underwent through a three hour diet after having her second baby. She eventually returned to modelling after just seven weeks.

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    Follow ‘The Ultimate New York Diet’

    You should follow ‘the Ultimate New York Diet’ in order to bring your body like Klum. This diet plan involves food which are packed with complex carbohydrates for example lentils and protein-rich foods.

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    Whenever you feel hungry, you should get snacks. Remember that Klum eats an apple whenever she has an urge for having snacks. This is because apples have low calories and are nutritious.

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