Top 10 Greatest Mathematicians of all Time

In the world there are always events and phenomena that can hardly be called illogical and not subordinate to any laws or orders. Some of these events are subject to mathematical laws, which are among the driving forces of human progress and civilisation.

There are hundreds of people who have made vital contributions in the field of mathematics. However, there are a handful of great mathematicians that got breakthroughs which certainly helped their predecessors in making further analysis.


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    Greek mathematician Pythagoras is considered as one of the greatest mathematicians of all time. He lived in Greece (570-495 BC) and is known for starting the school of the Pythagoreans. Also, his name is mentioned in connection with the well-known theorem in trigonometry. However, the Pythagorean theorem plays an important role in modern measurement equipment and technology.

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    Andrew Wile:

    The only still living mathematician on this list is Andrew Wile, who is known for having proved Fermat's last theorem. To find a solution, he literally imprisoned himself for seven years.

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    Isaac Newton:

    There is little arguing to the fact that this great scientist widely contributed in the development of mathematical sciences. He created the modern mathematical analysis of differential and integral calculus.

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    Leonardo da Vinci:

    He was one of the greatest mathematicians during the middle ages. It is impossible to imagine the modern and financial accounting without using the decimal number system and Arabic numerals, initiated by Leonardo da Vinci.

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    Alan Turing:

    He is regarded as one of the best mathematician of the 20th century. During the Second World War, he made a number of discoveries and established methods of deciphering coded messages.

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    Rene Descartes:

    The French philosopher, physicist and mathematician Rene Descartes is known for the method of radical doubt. He made a great contribution to mathematics, finding modern calculus along with Newton and Leibniz.

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    He is considered as the father of geometry. Euclid proved a set of theorems and conjectures.

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    Bernhard Riemann:

    This scientist became one of the most prominent mathematicians of the 19th century after making great contributions in geometry. Riemann set up a list of seven millennium problems, for which the Clay Mathematics Institute has announced a one million dollar prize for the solution of each.

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    Carl Friedrich Gauss:

    He is considered as the king of mathematics. Many people know about Gauss because of his amazing mental abilities. He did research in almost every area of mathematics: algebra, differential and non-Euclidean geometry, mathematical analysis, complex function theory, probability theory, as well as in astronomy, geodesy and mechanics.

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    Leonhard Euler:

    He is considered as the greatest mathematician in the history of mankind. Euler was the one who linked analysis, algebra, trigonometry, number theory and other disciplines into a single system.

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