Top 10 Most Inspiring People in the World

There are many people in the world who create their mark. Such people influence others and gain unmatched fame. They could be politicians, writers, freedom fighters or simple ordinary people who show amazing strength. These people are exemplary and determined. They want to make a significant difference and improve the conditions around them. It requires great will power, strength and courage to rise above the rest. So only a few can create such an impact. The world has seen many such people and that have inspired a whole generation of the population.


  • 1

    Steve Jobs

    The creator of apple computers started at the mere age of 21. The company creates fresh and innovative products. It has revolutionized the market and become one of the most famous brands. Steve Jobs has gained fame like no other.

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  • 2

    Oprah Winfrey

    From a simple co- anchor to one of the most famous faces around the globe. She is said to be the most powerful woman on earth with a net worth of $2.7 billion. She is also very famous for her philanthropy.

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  • 3

    Liz Murray

    The woman has seen the worst in life from drug addicted parents to living on the streets. She was always persistent and became listed at Harvard University. She is a very influential speaker and a company director.

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  • 4

    Barack Obama

    This is an obvious choice. He is the first African American president that has won the hearts of many and inspired a lot of people to follow their dreams.

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  • 5

    JK Rowling

    The famous author was a very poor widow. She became a millionaire and people fell in love with Harry Potter. She has written seven books which were translated in to many languages. Since her first novel, she has become a sensation. Harry Potter craze has swept the world and eight movies have been made from these books.

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  • 6

    Helen Keller

    This woman was the first blind and mute person to earn a Bachelor's Degree in Arts. She had open political views and was a member of the socialist party. A movie was also made about her.

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  • 7

    Stephen Hawking

    This revolutionary suffered from motor neuron disease. His arms and legs were paralyzed. He is an honorary member of Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. He is a writer of a best seller book.

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  • 8

    Mother Theresa

    She is the most inspiring woman on earth. Her kindness is known throughout the world. She was a nun and dedicated her life to the poor.

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  • 9

    Patrick Henry Hughes

    Patrick is inspiring and dynamic. He is an amazing musician who is blind and has crippled limbs. He has multiple diseases but still continued to play. He gets invited for many concerts.

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  • 10

    Jessica Cox

    She is the first person to fly a plane with her feet. She has not let her deficiency come in the way of her dreams. She is a psychology graduate and also fond of fast driving.

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