Top 10 Celebrities that had Mysterious Death

The death of a famous person or a celebrity always mystifies minds especially when he/she has not died of old age. A mysterious death is always surrounded by millions of guesses and curiosity among the admirers.

However, sometimes people do not get all the details of the causes of the death in case of a personality belonging to a certain class or sect and the secret services try to hide the details of the death of the idols while loyal fans kept on waiting to know about it for years to come.


  • 1

    Marilyn Monroe:

    Marilyn Monroe was found dead in her house on August 5, 1962 at the age of 36 years. They found traces of an overdose of sleeping pills and painkillers in her blood, which led to the death. Although Monroe did not leave a suicide note, all agreed on the opinion that it is an apparent suicide. However, the cause of the mysterious death of the sex goddess is not clear so far.

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  • 2

    Bruce Lee:

    American and Hong Kong actor, philosopher, film director, producer and screenwriter was regarded as a legend in the field of martial arts. He died in 1973 due to hypersensitive reaction to a pill for a headache.

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  • 3

    Elvis Presley:

    The singer, actor and one of the greatest performer and vocalist on earth left his fans in 1977. People saw the American artist at Memphis airport hours after the news highlighted sudden death of Elvis Presley.

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  • 4

    Lady Diana:

    The death of princess of hearts, known for her peacekeeping activities around the globe, has been eyed as a royal controversy. She died in a car accident along with her boyfriend back in 1997.

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  • 5

    Heath Ledger:

    The famous actor died of a heart attack but nobody knows why the heart of the 28-year-old cowboy stopped working. Was it due to overdose of a drug, alcohol or he was using any other medication?

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  • 6

    Michael Jackson:

    The world was shocked with the death of the pop star on June 25, 2009. When medics arrived at his home, he was not breathing. The American star was taken to a nearby hospital but the doctors could not save him.

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  • 7

    Anna Nicole Smith:

    The controversial model was found dead in a hotel at Florida back in 2009. Pathologists have come to the conclusion that physical violence was not the reason behind her death but drugs was.

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  • 8

    Brittany Murphy:

    Forensic examination has not been able to make a decision, what was the cause of death of the actress. The uptown girl died in 2009.

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  • 9

    Brendon Lee:

    Son of Bruce and Linda Lee was shot dead in 1993.

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  • 10

    Vic Morrow:

    The American actor died while filming Twilight Zone. He died on the spot after a helicopter crashed on top of him during a scene.

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