How to Fight Like Bruce Lee Step by Step

Whenever someone talks about martial arts, the first name which comes to mind is that of Bruce Lee, who remains an inspiration for many fighters despite the fact that he passed away years ago. He was one of the fastest movers in martial arts, which allowed him to perform some magnificent stunts and fighting sequences in movies. It is a dream for almost every fighter to become like Lee and achieve the same amount of fame he did in his life. However, that is not an easy task at all and one needs to be fully committed to martial arts in order to emulate a legend.


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    Train hard

    Although Lee was naturally gifted to have an agile body, he worked hard to make it perfect for martial arts. He used to mix his training by doing running, stretching, lifting weights, and all other possible exercises that could make him look great. In case you wish to fight like the legendary Lee, you have to do the basics right like him. So, start training hard and perform all of the activities that can make you stronger and ready for action.

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    Learn wing chun

    If you have not received any basic martial arts training, you should start off with wing chun, which is a Chinese technique used to fight an opponent. This was what Lee learnt during his childhood years and went onto become one of the finest fighters of all time. Wing chun is quite an effective style of martial arts, as it teaches you how to make your defense stronger and be aggressive, when required.

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    Practice jeet kune do

    Once Lee found out that his basic fighting style was not enough to overcome his opponents, he went onto learn jeet kune do. This technique is quite good for people, who wish to be aggressive during a fight. If you can master the jeet kune do, you will be able to convert your rival’s block punch or kick into a counter attack. While performing this martial arts style, you are always on the attack.

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    Learn other techniques

    The best thing about Lee was that he never stopped learning. He wanted to innovate and give something new to his opponents, every time he faced them. He learnt quite a few techniques from karate, boxing and other forms of wrestling in order to develop a unique style. So, you should try picking up everything from different fighting schools, as that will help you get a mixed style like your favorite fighter.

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