How to Live the James Bond Lifestyle

People like to follow James Bond lifestyle after seeing his personality and movie. Bond is the world’s best spy and even if you are a fan of books or movies, you know that 007 is an amazing man. Not only his personality but his everyday lifestyle is cool and awesome. He has friends in high places, uses latest gadgets, drives cool cars and gets all the love. It is possible to adapt James Bond charisma and style in your life. By following some simple tips, you will improve your lifestyle in no time.


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    The 007 lifestyle

    You need to know what a James Bond lifestyle is. He is smart, sophisticated and charming. Keep in mind his lifestyle as if you lose these, you cannot live the James Bond way of life.

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    First and foremost thing to do is to look after your appearance. You need to wear neat and tidy clothes. Remember that it should be ironed as well. You should avoid wearing clothes right from the closet. You also need to wear according to the occasions e.g. you should not go to a wedding in shorts and t-shirt. Watch Quantum of Solace to have a look at Bond’s sophisticated looks.

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    You need to stay clean all the time. Take shower twice and apply deodorant. Have short hair as long hair look dirty. Use shampoo and shower gel while taking bath. Shave every day in order to look good and clean.

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    Learn to gamble

    James Bond loves to gamble at different casinos in several movies. His favourite games are Baccarat Chemin de Fer and Texas Hold’em Poker. You can learn the rules from internet and avoid betting in the beginning. Practice it by playing casino games online. Try to get better in only two or three games.

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    Now going for the Bond girls, you need to show your charm in order to attract girls. Remember that girls look at your movements more than what you are saying. You need to pick some unique words and keep an eye contact on her all the time. Do not look at her body, watch her eyes only. Keep an open arm instead of crossing your arms.

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    Hand-to-Hand Combat

    You need to be good in hand-to-hand combat as James Bond knows karate, boxing and judo. You need to know the basics of martial arts and not get the black belt. You need to deal with people who have weapons with arming yourself.

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    Get in shape

    You need to get in shape and be physically fit. Join your local gym and regularly exercise. You can even do exercises in your home if you can’t afford.

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